goodforleeds finds, celebrates and encourages others to value and use the businesses and organisations wich give us a social benefit as well as financial profit, which bring prosperity to Leeds as well as themselves.

We’re only looking for one thing: what can a business or provider do which is ‘good for Leeds’ –  to have a positive social impact beyond its price points? A group of bloggers across the city will find and test what’s on offer, using goodforleeds to:

•             Explore and document the ways businesses and services can be ‘good for Leeds’

•             Measure the positive social impact of being better consumers

•             Develop a ‘good for Leeds’ directory

•             Identify any gaps in the ‘good for Leeds’ market – areas of the city, sectors or services where the opportunities to demand or deliver bigger social impact remain untapped.

If you want to write a post about a business or service that you think is Good for Leeds, get in touch through email good4leeds@gmail.com , twitter @good4leeds or simply give us a quick post telling us why you love the business or service in the good for Leeds directory and map.


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Designing research together: it’s complicated

Stella's 'Ob-log'

In my last post, I went into some detail about Oblong’s funding, the geographical community where we work, and how our work is affected by government policies.  This week I’m going to focus on the process of designing my research project with Oblong.  I’ll write briefly about the practicalities, as well as a term I discovered in academic articles:  positionality.

Positionality, in my understanding, means:

  • a researcher’s relationship to the people they will encounter in the process of doing research; and
  • the standpoint the researcher uses to interpret and write about what she finds out.

Talking about positionality when you do research indicates that you think these relationships and standpoints make a difference – to how the research is designed, and the conclusions you will eventually come to.  I do think these relationships and standpoints make a difference – in my research with Oblong, and in any research.  If you…

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