‘Absolutely the best shopping venue’ – Leeds Kirkgate Market

GoodforLeeds saw Sandra Reston tweeting about the incredible value of her regular shop at Leeds Kirkgate Market, one of the largest indoor markets in Europe and a fixture in Leeds’ retail scene since 1857, and asked her to tell us more.

Every Saturday we go to Leeds Market to do our weekly shopping.  We are renowned for entertaining and serving good food on a regular basis – no, we are not a restaurant! We are two people who enjoy cooking and eating on a daily basis. We eat amazingly well and are very particular about what we cook, eat and serve.

This week’s choice for meat was roast beef rib from Mr Callard in the meat section which was delicious, plus braising steak for the freezer. Admittedly, not our usual expense but on a cold grey wet weekend there was a need for roast beef.

On the vegetable side: 10 small peppers for 1 pound, huge bag of tomatoes for 1 pound, cauliflower 60p, parsnips by the bag for 50p, spinach for 50p, 2 kilos of potatoes for 1 pound.  Plus, chestnuts, figs, and cooking and eating apples.

Our total shopping for fruit and vegetables and salad products for the whole week was £7.60. Comparison to supermarket shopping? Well, supermarkets lack freshness, for instance, and all the apples are tastelessly the same size.  As to cost, try it – you will spend at least four times the amount we spend at the market.

Even with parking we save money, every single week, and eat fabulously.

I admit it isn’t on your doorstep or a plastic, clinical shopping experience. No!  It’s a vibrant atmosphere with bargains galore for everyone.  Stallholders are friendly and helpful and it’s a competitive environment for prices.  Go early or go late when there are massive bargains i.e. 10 sirloin steaks for £10 or virtually given away chickens.

The outside section for fruit and vegetables has become a tourist attraction for our visiting friends and they all absolutely love it. Even our friends from London and Leyburn go back with freezer bags full of meat, chickens and fish.

Leeds Market has the best fish stalls ever with a stunning range of fish all totally fresh – no plastic wrappings here.  For our visitors next week I have a new recipe: Cod with peas and clams and we will be homing in on the fish stalls.

Sandra Reston is known for being candid, loving books and words, candles burning entertaining and creating atmosphere. Follow her on twitter @sandrareston.

Kirgate Market

Vicar Lane



tel:       0113 378 1950

email:  markets@leeds.gov.uk


Web:    http://www.leedsmarkets.co.uk/

Opening times

Monday – Saturday Doors open from 8am until 5.30pm (Shop & Drop until 6pm)


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