Job’s a Goodden at the LGI

Mark Travis writes about a combination of exceptional expertise and customer service which would make any business or enterprise an asset to the city. But he’s writing about a hospital, so I wasn’t sure if it fit our criteria as we want goodforleeds to identify great organisations which we can further support as consumers. But then I remembered we’re theoretically all customers of healthcare now, making choices about accessing services in a growing marketplace. So it absolutely makes sense to shine a light on the exceptional. If you disagree, let us know through the comments.

Appearances can be deceiving.

Stand outside the main entrance of Leeds General Infirmary and you are likely to think ‘Grey. Drab. Miserable.’

Not me, I see colour.


Yes, it’s had a lot of questionable coverage in the last few years. But I speak as I find: LGI splashes a rainbow.

That colour, in truth, is down to many reasons, but overwhelmingly due to one man.

Introducing John Goodden.

In Mr Goodden, Leeds boasts a bones boffin of great repute. I know this due to the exceptional work he did for one of my daughter’s, who has some spinal problems along with Down syndrome.

He did it not only effectively, but with a style not seen with hospital visits generally – and our family has had squatting rights in West Yorkshire’s wards.

I actually enjoyed our chats with this spinal consultant. On my daughter’s progress mainly, but Mr Goodden could wax lyrical on tech, music and car snow chains. Like me!

He also served the patient superbly. Need to check the movement in my four-year-old daughter?.. Mr Goodden had no problem climbing up on to a window ledge to fully assess her neck movement. A ledge-end, if you will.

There was also no aloofness or stiffness you can often find in so-called superior people generally. Mr Goodden put my daughter first and would often consult with others when he thought they may offer a better course of action.

Heck, even his colleague Val was great. Replying, fully and promptly when I emailed for help.

From experience, Mr Goodden was a good ‘un.

From local TV Mr Gooden was a good ‘un too. I switched on the box late last year to stumble upon a news report on  how Mr Gooden is a Trans-Atlantic trailblazer when it comes to bonesmithery (Preview) . Do click the link to feel good about Leeds!

To recap everyone, the Infirmary is a great thing for Leeds to have, thanks to its people. Not least John Goodden.

And that blog folks is the letter I should have wrote to Mr Goodden when he finished overseeing my daughter’s vast spinal progress.

Cheers, Sir! I’ll make sure you get this.

Mark is from Lancashire, but don’t hold it against him. Nor his tendency towards puns honed over years spent on some of the north’s most read publications. He lives this way now and goes by the Google-bumping moniker marktravisinfo. Mark has big designs on Down syndrome and appreciates you boosting his Klout rating by responding to this and his general social media addiction.  His website can be found at


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